"Cerebral Palsy. Basics of clinical and rehabilitation diagnostics."

Kozyavkin V.I., Babadagly M.A., Tkachenko S.K., Kachmar O.O.

This book is about one of the most complex questions of modern medicine: the early diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (CP). The basics of clinical diagnostics are explained by experts in neonatology, pediatrics and neurology. They give the background of the development of pediatric neurologic disability from its sources on. The general characteristics of the disability are given. The structural and functional organizations of the nervous system in normal and Cerebral Palsy children are described. In special chapters, details of perinatal lesions of the nervous system are given along with how neonatologist or pediatric diagnoses of the after-effects of those lesions in "risk group" children can be made. Special attention is paid to the diagnosis of movement disturbances at early stage of the development of Cerebral Palsy, especially in the first half-year of the child's life. The authors concentrate the reader's attention on the necessity for early diagnosis of this neurologic pathology in "risk group" children in order to begin proper rehabilitation treatment.

The book is directed toward specialists in pediatric neurology, pediatrics, neonatology, physiatry and rehabilitation. It also will be useful to teachers, logopedists and families with disabled children.

Lviv: Medicina Svitu, 1999

ISBN 966-7475-08-05