The Kozyavkin Method. Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System. Kinesiotherapy

Kozyavkin V.I., Woloshyn  B.D.

The book suggests an efficient way of fighting a crucial and acute problem of the society - cerebral palsy, namely elucidating the treatment which has already gained the world recognition – a method developed by Prof. V.Kozyavkin - Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System.
The paper outlines the concept and specificities of kinesiotherapeutic treatment according to this system. It describes approaches and methods of mobilizing gymnastics at the stages of rehabilitation, correct motor stereotype development with the help of biodynamic correction program.
The emphasis is placed on activating patient’s motivation for treatment using new technologies. The book covers peculiarities of applying sensory integration methods – music therapy and art therapy.

The book contains a catalogue of exercises for mobilizing gymnastics.

The intended readership includes neurologists, pediatricians, medical and physical rehabilitation experts, as well as the patients and their parents.

International Clinic of Rehabilitation. Truskavets 2004

ISBN: 966-7643-06-2

(In Ukrainian)

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