Basics of Motor Disorders Rehabilitation According to Kozyavkin Method

V.I. Kozyavkin, N.M. Sak, O.O. Kachmar, M.O. Babadagly

Proposed book views the theoretical basis of motor disorders rehabilitation according to Prof. Kozyavkin Method and reflects 17-years working experience of the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and International Clinic of Rehabilitation professionals.

Publication also provides the information on the basics of the human movement system as well as rehabilitation of dysfunctions caused by the brain damage, cerebral palsy in particular. This book helps to understand the origin of the very idea of fundamentally new treatment approach and it includes data on the effectiveness of the mentioned rehabilitation system.

Book will be useful for paediatric neurologists, vertebrologists, paediatricians, professionals in medical and physical rehabilitation and students.

International Clinic of Rehabilitation. Truskavets’. 2007.

ІSBN: 978-966-345-118-3

In Russian

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