II International Congress "Neurorehabilitation-2010"

Main issues of II International Congress "Neurorehabilitation - 2010" that has been held on June1-2, 2010 in the building of the Moscow City Government were rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy.

Meeting was organized by Russian National Stroke Association and the Russian Association of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Sick and Disabled People with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.

The extensive scientific program of the Congress allowed participants to broaden their understanding of new technologies for functional recovery of patients with traumatic spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and cerebral stroke, the practical value of new developments accomplished by scientists, clinicians, pharmacists, teachers, engineers, health care managers and other professionals working in this area.

The conference brought together leading academic, clinical and educational centres of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, representatives of leading laboratories and companies involved in the development of functional recovery tools that facilitate adaptation of disabled children to the environment.

Special session on management of multidisciplinary rehabilitation of patients with cerebral stroke in the regional and primary vascular centres established under the national program "Health" and the Federal program to reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases was held during the Congress.

Lecture “Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System” revealing theoretical background of the new rehabilitation approach developed in Ukraine has been delivered on the first day plenary session. Speaker, Head of Neurophysiological Department of International Clinic of Rehabilitation Oleh Kachmar, also briefed the audience about the activities of the newly formed "East European Academy of Childhood Disability”, aimed at the establishment of international cooperation, exchange of experiences and knowledge between research and clinical centres of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Practical aspects of the new rehabilitation technology have been presented at the master-class "Intensive Rehabilitation in Cerebral Palsy."

Congress Program is on the webpage of Russian Association of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Sick and Disabled People - www.sportmed.ru/files/program.pdf