Conference in Moscow

4th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference "Cerebral palsy and other movement disorders" was held in Moscow on 29-30 October 2014.

The conference was attended by leading experts in the field of child neurology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurophysiology, neonatology, physical therapy, psychology, defectology and other specialties.

Particular attention was paid to the formation of early predictors of neurological diseases, rare disease of the nervous system in children, paroxysmal states of epileptic / non-epileptic origin in children and psychosomatic pathology.

Research team of the International Rehabilitation Clinic has presented three reports: Kozyavkin V.I. - Basics of Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation, Kachmar O.A. - Application of virtual gaming rehabilitation of motor disorders and Voloshyn T.B. - Diagnostic algorithm and analysis of the effectiveness of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

Also a round table with the participation of policy-makers, academics, practitioners, community representatives, parents and patients themselves was held during the conference.

The conference program