Dear patients and their parents!

Periodically through the Internet, you may receive invitations from specialists who have previously worked at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets to undergo rehabilitation, in the list of services of which there is a correction of the spine.

Please be careful! These specialists did not receive the proper training and accordingly have no rights to make such complex manipulations.

By giving your children into hands of a self-taught persons remember about the risk of serious injury of extremities and spine, and as a result, deterioration in the health of your children.

Real professionals who are able to make correctly a correction of the spine are a very few and they all work in three medical institutions only:

1. International Clinic of Rehabilitation
Pomiretska Str. 37, 82200, Truskavets, Ukraine

2. Rehabilitation Center "Elita"
45a/2 Chornovola Ave., Lviv, 79019, Ukraine

3. ICMR International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation
Amathountos Avenue №100, Ay.Tychonas, 4532 Limassol, Cyprus