Regina Spinazzola-Kinney
United States New York 
As a parent, I naturally have high hopes for my daughter, Laura, a bright 8 year old with cerebral palsy, and have searched out many forms of treatment ranging from conventional physical therapy to Conductive Education. As a physician, I have evaluated many treatments that might benefit my patients as well. Some of my friends and former patients had visited the Institute for Medical Rehabilitation with impressive results, so in the summer of 2002, my then 6 year old daughter and I made our first trip to the Ukraine for treatment at the center.

I did not know what changes to expect, but was open to learn, observe, and help Laura get the most out of our visit. After the very first session of biomechanical correction of the spine with Prof.Kozijavkin, I was able to feel a marked decrease in her spastic muscle tone. The treatments began slowly but new therapies such as massage, bees wax applications, mechanotherapy and vigorous physical therapy were added to the schedule every few days so that by the end of the 2 week session, Laura was quite busy. Once her muscle tone improved, she was able to perform many of the therapy activities more easily. She could learn new patterns of movement that had not been open to her before. In the evenings, there was time for relaxation and games of “floor hockey” and ice cream snacks with new-found friends from around the world. All of the staff at the Institute were extremely dedicated and worked hard to ensure that she put forth her best effort and made the most progress possible.

By the end of her 2 week session, Laura had better head and trunk control, was able to stand with less support and able to open her hands more easily. She and all the other children participated in “Olympic games” at the close of the treatment period. For the children, this was not only a fun-filled activity but a culmination of all their hard work. Many proudly demonstrated newly aquired skills while their parents looked on with tears in their eyes.

When we returned home, family and friends were amazed at how much she had improved in such a short time. We have since made another trip to the newly opened, beautifully decorated treatment center, again with very positive results. The combination of Prof. Kozijavkin’s technique with many different modalities all under one roof is a truly impressive regimen, and we are planning to take advantage of this program often in the future.
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