Murtaza Merali Dewji
United Kingdom   TEL: 00447786333247
I heard about the clinic via a family friend and based on the information that I was given. I decided to take the next step and send my medical records to the clinic to see if the therapy was suitable.
My background, I am currently 21 and have recently graduated from University of Westminster in BSc Computing. I suffer from essential Tremor and Spastic Paraparesis. My symptoms include difficulties with gross motor control which affect my walking, writing and general hand functions. My condition is classed as being hereditary and until the age of 12 years old I had no signs. Over time my condition has deteriorated and become more and more noticeable. On the whole my condition has not had a major effect in my life and I have managed to battle on and not let this effect me. However, more recently due to my age, size and the fact that the illness is getting worse, my symptoms now include pain in my limbs and I have found that my general motor skills are getting slower and more and more demanding for me control.
After coming to the clinic and starting my therapy, I have found that my muscles have become more relaxed and less painful. On the whole I feel a lot better about my self and only hope that the effects of the treatment will be longer lasting and not temporary. I even benefited from the daily massage, physical treatment, mechanotherapy, treadmill training, and the bee wax and bee poison therapies.
On the whole my experience has been quite positive and the journey was not as bad as I had imagined. We did have language problems as we only speak English fortunately we had come with someone who spoke some German and had already visited the Clinic.
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