Short Description of the Kozyavkin Method

The Kozyavkin Method or INRS consists of two subsystems - The Intensive Correction Subsystem and The Stabilization and Effects Potentiation Subsystem. The Intensive Correction is performed in the Rehabilitation Center and lasts for two weeks. In the period of Stabilization and Effect Potentiation, treatment is continued at home according to the recommendations given to the patient at the center. This period usually lasts from 6 to 8 months, at which point the patient is admitted to the center again for the next course of Intensive Correction.

INRS is a multimodal rehabilitation system in which the influence of one component is complemented and intensified by the others. Main treatment programs include biomechanical correction of the spine, extremity joint mobilization, reflexotherapy, mobilizing physical exercises, special massage system, rhythmical group exercises, mechanotherapy and apitherapy which are described below.

»Biomechanical correction of the spine
»Extremity Joint Mobilization
»Massage system
»Mobilizing exercises
»Rhytmical group exercises