Eastern European Academy of Childhood Disability

Eastern European Academy of Childhood Disability was established in May 2010 to support education, research and implementation of new technologies in rehabilitation of neurologically disabled children.

The Academy is a voluntary, nonprofit, non-governmental organization organization and brings together professionals working with disabled children in Eastern Europe.

The main tasks of the organization are:
  • encourage and support research in all areas of rehabilitation of disabled children and disseminating the results of this work;
  • provide regular training and information exchange on various aspects of child disability by organizing seminars, symposia, conferences, exhibitions and publications;
  • encourage and implement the results of scientific research into practice to help children disabled;
  • strengthening cooperation and interaction between professionals working in the field of child disability in Europe and elsewhere.
The Academy was created with support from the International Clinic of Rehabilitation, as a regional representative of the European Academy of Childhood Disability - EACD.

Welcome to the Academy web site www.eeacd.org, where you can view video lectures on relevant topics of child neurorehabilitation.