Objective: Relaxing hypertonic musculature, reducing muscle tensions (myotendinoses) and relaxing contractures as well as stimulating hypotonic musculature. Preparing for unlocking the vertebral column joints and intensifying its results.   Method: Heavily dependent on the sensitivity of the masseur, who searches out myotendinoses, trigger zones and contractures and individually treats them according to the classical principles of massage, point massage, extension massage, acupressure and lymph drainage.   A whole-body massage is carried out, which leads to a decompression and relaxation of all the joints. The massage accordingly relates to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and the entire vertebral column.   The massage leads to a stimulation of the mentioned elements as well as to a reflex effect on the internal organs and on the entire metabolism of the patient treated. There is also an optimization of the muscle tone, resulting in an improved functional condition of posture and movement. This has an effect on the entire body.