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Rehabilitation with the ease of game
New article about rehabilitation games in Cerebral Palsy Magazine.
Article about Spiral Suit
Cerebral Palsy Magazine continues the series of articles about the Kozijavkin Method of rehabilitation. June Issue of the magazine includes article about movement correction suit “Spiral”   Web page of the magazine www.cerebralpalsymagazine.com/june_2004.htm
"100 best goods of Ukraine" contest
On March 15 in the International exhibition center in Kiev there was a final of the all-Ukrainian production and services contest “100 best goods of Ukraine 2003”.   For the developed high effective rehabilitation system the winner in the nomination for the best consumer services became the Interna...
80th anniversary of the medical rehabilitation, physical therapy and resort science department
Medical conference devoted to the 80th anniversary of the medical rehabilitation, physical therapy and resort science department of Kyiv Medical Academy of the Postgraduate Education was held on May 20-22, 2004.
Video on our web page
On the web page of the International clinic of Rehabilitation now are published video films about new clinic, method of treatment and patients   Now you can not only read about us…
Congress Cerebral Palsy. Knowledge - reality - hope.
From 19.03.04 to 21.to3.04.04. the congress on “ Cerebral palsy. Knowledge-reality-hope” was held at the Munich Clinic of the Grosgadern Maxsimillian University.
Article in the Cerebral Palsy Magazine
The main feature of the March 2004 issue of the Cerebral Palsy Magazine would be the article about the Kozijavkin Method.

Web page of the magazine

Talk-show on the German TV Channel ARD

On 6.02.2004 14.10 on the air of the German TV channel ARD in the popular talk show of Margaret Schreinemakers there would be a meeting with prof. V.Kozijavkin, director of the International Clinic of rehabilitation, the author of the unique rehabilitation system for treatment of ...

Presentation of the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System, a New Rehabilitation Approach.
Recently, on the 11-th and 12-th of November at the Fox Hollow Conference Center in Woodbury, NY, there was a two day conference devolted to the new rehabilitation method - Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System, also known by the name of its author - the Kozijavkin'...
New Contacts of the Institute for Medical Rehabilitation.
A group of 10 professional-rehabilitators, doctors, teachers, and social workers from the Lviv region visited USA on October 20 to November 10, 2002 as part of the program "The Community Connections", which is financed by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and by the Department of State,...
Scheduled treatment courses for year 2004
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