Joint project of the International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation and Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center
Dear friends, We are proud to share the recent achievements of our medical staff and teachers who have created a unique training course based on the Professor Kozyavkin’s Method!

On August 8, 2017, a training course – Cerebral Palsy Treatment Programme Using Professor Kozyavkin Method was launched at the Kozyavkin Method Education and Certification Centre at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets, Ukraine).

Training courses are conducted for international medical professionals from the Philippines, Egypt, Cyprus and other countries, who will work under the international collaboration project established between CMRC – the Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Centre and ICMR – the International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation (Cyprus) – on the implementation of Professor Kozyavkin’s Method in the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries of the Middle East.

Taking into account the success of the Kozyavkin Method, its notable relevance and importance for patients from the UAE, several strategic tasks have been developed for the implementation of the project.

All programme participants seek to achieve the main goal in treating and rehabilitating patients with cerebral palsy – improving their quality of life!
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