Our staff

International Clinic of Rehabilitation is excited to have a committed, passionate and highly professional team

 Kozyavkin Vladimir
Professor, Hero of Ukraine, Honored Scientist and Technician of Ukraine. Director of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center “Elita”, doctor neurologist and manual therapist 
  Stepan Hordiyevich
Orthopedist, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, Deputy director for the medical questions 
 Yanina Kozyavkina
Deputy director, physician 
  Halyna Lun
candidate of med science, deputy director for the scientific questions, paediatrist 
 Natalia Kozyavkina
Deputy director for marketing, neurologist 
  Olha Kozyavkina
Deputy director for the foreign economic questions, neurologist 
 Oleh Kachmar
Candidate of med science doctor of functional diagnostics, head of the department 
  Volodymyr Lysovych
Doctor reflexotherapist 
 Bohdan Voloshyn
Doctor reflexotherapist 
  Oksana Kotelyak
Child neurologist 
 Zakharov Petro
  Stolyar Oksana
Doctor paediatrist